The Steps to Be Stretch Mark-Free

Stretch marks can sure be annoying to deal with, especially among pregnant women and those who have undergone rapid weight loss. It’s also a skin condition which body building enthusiasts may experience.

Though stretch marks aren’t critical to a person’s health, they can be very annoying to deal with and will lead sufferers to be quite conscious about the appearance of their skin.

They would feel embarrassed to wear rather showy clothing, and it can be frustrating to head off to the beach wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, or a 2-piece bikini, when these marks are so evident on the skin.

Stretch marks happen because the skin ends up accommodating any abrupt changes in a person’s body, and the skin becomes stretched beyond its limits. The most common reasons for this occurring is because of pregnancy, weight gain, fast loss of weight or even body building.

There are many people who are wondering how they can get rid of these marks permanently, especially when there’s no easy way to do so. These marks might end up being permanent, but despite the difficulty in doing so, removing stretch marks is very much possible.

Some individuals make use of natural methods, and below are just a few of them.

  1. Sufferers of striae should make sure that they ingest some nutritional supplements which can help the skin reacquire its smooth and flawless complexion. Among the ingredients to be aware of in these supplements is ascorbic acid. There are even some foods containing ascorbic acid which people can consume every day. Some of these products include kiwi, orange, or other citrus fruits. Ascorbic acid, for those who do not know, actually aids in improving the natural production of elastin, which is a compound responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, along with collagen.
  2. There are a lot of people suffering from stretch marks that actually make use of certain paraphernalia in getting rid of such a condition. There are some sponges which are specifically designed to treat it. These sponges are often called as “Lootahs.” These sponges are very much abrasive and work by getting rid of any dead skin cells, including those layered atop the stretch marks. It also eliminates any debris which proves to be detriments on the skin’s surface. If lootahs are utilized, the skin will then retain the proper amount of moisture, which leads to a healthier state. The skin will then be a lot more flexible, along with the fact that the stretch marks will definitely be a lot less visible on the skin.
  3. Getting proper moisture for the skin is very important in order to give it the necessary revitalization that will greatly reduce the presence of these stretch marks. This can be done by drinking a lot of water on a daily basis, with 8 glasses being highly recommended. There are also some lotions which sufferers of striae can apply on their skin, and these lotions must have a lot of vitamins A, C & E.

These are some of the steps necessary to eliminate the presence of stretch marks from the skin.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly a welcome time for many 1st time mothers, especially since they’ll get to introduce a new member of the family into their lives and that of their relatives. As exciting as having a baby would be, it also proves to be a great challenge.

In fact, a pregnant woman will experience a lot of nausea, some headaches, even strange preferences for certain kinds of foods. However, when it comes to aesthetic concerns, there’s nothing more irritating than dealing with striae, which people would dub as stretch marks.

These can develop not only on their tummies, but even on their arms, breasts, buttocks and thighs. This happens because the skin ends up stretching a great deal during pregnancy in order to accommodate the growing fetus inside the woman’s stomach.

She will end up gaining some weight in the final stages of her pregnancy, and the skin will end up stretching way too much that it becomes thin in some areas. The result is a few reddish or silvery streaks of skin that are not all that pleasing to look at.

While it does not pose any health problems for women, it sure can be rather distracting, and would affect a woman’s perception of her physical attributes. Yet, there are ways for women everywhere to avoid the development of stretch marks, or even minimize their appearance at the very least.

Below are some natural methods for eliminating stretch marks on the skin.

  • Taking a hot bath can help a lot. Warm water actually opens up the pores of a person’s skin, and can also aid in enhancing the epidermis’ strength. This will lead to the reduced appearance of these stretch marks.
  • Massaging the affected areas at least once a day will lessen the visibility of these stretch marks. Pregnancy causes stretch marks to form on the breasts, hips, lower belly, thighs and upper arms, and these areas should be massaged often for the course of 9 months. In fact, one can even do so twice a day. To help the situation further, a woman can make use of some organic oils like castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E oil for enhanced results.
  • Drinking lots of water goes a very long way in improving the condition of a woman’s skin. Keeping the skin properly hydrated can help in improving its complexion. With that in mind, one should drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Eating foods which are rich in Vitamins A, C and E will definitely be a great boost to the quality of a person’s skin. These are nutrients which can help the skin produce more collagen, which is what’s responsible for giving it the elasticity it needs.

These tips should definitely help every pregnant woman out there avoid the possibility of developing stretch marks on their skin. Taking these into serious consideration will go a long way in improving their skin’s health, thus minimizing the appearance of these unsightly marks.